martedì 15 maggio 2007

Tora Tora - Etnorchestra

Minina tora, i tora tora tora
simama simawo ika tora tora
Ayo! Ayo! né né
Minina tora
Djankabi né na tora eh! Ayo né Né*

Yesterday my mama was cryin’ out
“What you need is just some peace
Tie your pants and go on the street
Make peace and love
Just peace and love
Do peace and love
Just peace and love”

It’s beautiful living with you
Beautiful seeing you mama
On my way back from job
You’re my favourite, my soul
Make peace and love...


Hey mamas, live up your sadness
Let the rhythm take control
You just need to get on the floor
Dance on the floor
Rock your body like noone else. **


*This is a Senegalese mother’s lament. Tora Tora means “gone, gone”.
**In Senegal mothers who lost their baby go out in the street and shake as a sign of mourning

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